Sojourn Urban is an innovative Residency Program in inner city Louisville that is equipping the next generation of local church church leaders. This one to two year leadership program with Sojourn Community Church relocates leaders into the urban context and raises them up to be mature, proven and principled men and women who catalyze change in communities through the gospel. 

The Residency is designed to give shape and form to socially-minded young men and women by providing the theological underpinning, pastoral shepherding, and practical experience that is necessary to produce life-long laborers in the harvest fields of the inner city so that justice, mercy, faithfulness, and hope pervade every aspect of city culture. 

Program Details

Sojourn Urban team members commit 1-2 years to relocating into rebuilt houses in the inner city neighborhood of Shelby Park to live, learn and lead.

Each team member will be developed in a 45 hour per week program that includes theological training with Sojourn pastors and deacons, as well as engaging inner city residents with the gospel through the local church.  Members also have the option of serving on the front lines of the church’s effort to fight homelessness with Louisville Rescue Mission, share the gospel with women in the adult entertainment industry through Scarlet Hope, provide care to pregnant women at A Woman's Choice, and engage with internationals within Refuge Louisville. This plurality of experiences will give each participant spiritual and practical shape to how the gospel informs living all of life in obedience to Jesus Christ and will enable these leaders to continue effecting community-wide change in future contexts.  

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Get Involved

Support: To support one or more of the six full-time men and women enrolled for the coming year, click HERE and search "Sojourn"

Adopt: To 'adopt' an Urban Experience team member is to serve and care for a specific Sojourn UE missionary moving into the urban neighborhood of Shelby Park throughout their year in the program, go HERE to learn more.

Volunteer: To join us for community work days or to sign your Community Group up to participate, e-mail or call (502) 635-7053 x. 135.

Sojourn Community Church

The vision of Sojourn Community Church is to see the earth filled with the glory of God as men and women become more like Jesus. God’s fame spreads as Christians take to the world the good news of who Jesus is, what he has done, and how we are to live.

We believe that there is no corner of the earth and no aspect of our lives that is not affected and transformed by this news! Simply put, the vision of Sojourn is for the fame of God to fill the whole earth through the formation of people into the likeness of Jesus as they live out Jesus’ Great Commission.


Read more about Sojourn's vision, purpose, and beliefs here.


The Urban Experience is a partnership with Access Ventures. Click HERE to learn more.