Training with the Sojourn Urban Experience begins with the whole gospel, applied to the whole leader, through the whole church. We believe that the church is God’s vehicle for social change. Pastoral oversight coupled with intentional discipleship, theological reflection and experience are necessary and biblical to develop leaders. The following are some of the many avenues through which team members will train:


Ministry Team Development Training

Several months prior to arriving in Shelby Park, participants will spend one week receiving training in the theoretical and practical aspects of building a team of financial and prayer supporters. Led by a training team of experienced fundraisers, each participant will walk away with practiced knowledge of how to share the vision, ask clearly for support, and cultivate an ongoing team of supporters.


Pastor’s School (Men)

Pastor’s School is a ten-month pastoral training program that exists to train men to serve, lead, and plant churches or to work within the context of the local church. Men will receive instruction from Sojourn Pastors, which is divided in to 3 modules: Leadership, Proclamation, and Outreach. Participants can receive up to 30 hours of graduate credit from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary towards a seminary degree, if desired.


Women’s School (Women)

Women’s School combines academic study with practical ministry in the context of small groups to promote character growth and accountability in learning. The course work includes units in theology, Bible study methods, gospel care, evangelism, spiritual disciplines, stewardship, shepherding, and Biblical womanhood, as well as practical service instruction and opportunities.


Life Together Training

Learn the vision and function of Community Groups: This two-day training will bring clarity to living life together as worshipers, family, servants, witnesses, and disciples in your neighborhood. Pastors and Deacons will provide training in leading groups in discovering, owning, and applying God’s word.  


Gospel Basics

Gospel Basics will train participants in basic care and counseling skills, including how to listen well, explore and draw out the heart through questions, and speak the truth in love.

Redemption Group Training

Redemption Group training focuses on experiencing the gospel in community as we see the depths of our sinfulness, the height of Christ’s love through the cross, and the power of the gospel to change you and others. Learn how to lead others in pursuing each others' hearts with loving intentionality while applying the gospel to suffering and sin.

School of Missions

For those who have previously completed Pastor's or Women's School, the School of Missions is available to train up and equip men and women within the context of the local church for gospel ministry in an international context. The aim is to develop in knowledge, character, and skills, and to see missionaries go out in teams with Sojourn DNA to plant churches in unreached and forgotten areas.

Urban Community Development

Team members will make periodic trips to other gospel-driven community urban developers in surrounding cities to learn from leaders and churches engaging in developments efforts and initiatives. These day and weekend trips will provide the opportunity to catch a vision for biblically revitalizing communities in diverse contexts.

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