Sojourn Urban team members will move into renovated shotgun houses in the neighborhood of Shelby Park with 3 other participants. These homes will be beacons of light for the people of Shelby Park and greater Louisville as the neighborhood experiences love, hospitality and grace. Living in the city allows these maturing leaders to engage as neighbors with local residents and the marginalized in ways that faithfully point them to Christ and join them in challenging city culture and systems so that justice and spiritual renewal will take place.

The neighborhood is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky. A once thriving and economically vibrant neighborhood, Shelby Park now struggles with high unemployment as well as many other issues common to isolated inner city neighborhoods. However, in the midst of these difficulties, the neighborhood is full of life.

Joining us also means the ability to redevelop affordable housing, which can have a carry-over effect on the rest of the community. New residents attract new businesses, which attract new cultural centers and projects. 

Sojourn Community Church desires to be faithful to the Great Commission by taking the gospel to our neighbors, as well as to the ends of the earth. In response to the call of Jesus, to be his witnesses, we believe we are called to live lives of radical declaration, as well as sacrificial demonstration. As we train the next generation of leaders through Sojourn Urban, participants will be Jesus’ witnesses to their community and will carry this witness into their respective future contexts.

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